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Promoting Culture, Tradition and Heritage

About Amra Sabai Calgary

Our History

AMRA SABAI OF CALGARY ASSOCIATION is a premier non-profit community organization, founded in 2010 by and for the people with an interest in the language, literature, culture and heritage of Bengal. Our growing members from Calgary and other parts of southern Alberta at large represents a well-educated, very established and highly successful cross-section of expatriates from West Bengal and various other parts of India and Bangladesh.

Our Mision

Our mission is to promote a harmonious blend of our diverse culture and rich values with today’s hi-tech, fast-paced, success-driven way of life with a view to nurturing well-balanced, exemplary new generations who will continue to be role models and enrich the world in greater measure.

Our Vision and Values

To organize cultural events, religious functions and social activities which provide exposure to the culture, heritage and traditions of Bengal. We are committed to sustaining and promoting our culture and heritage, supporting the society we live in and reinforcing our future generation with meaningful values. We strive to keep our rich culture and heritage alive through various religious events, social and educational activities and cultural programs throughout the year. We renew our festive spirits, following true Bengali “traditions” our celebrations of Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Saraswati Puja are attended in large numbers.

We attempt to bring the community together and actively involved in various social events throughout the year such as the Bengali New Year, our summer picnic gala, or the year-end dine-n-dance party. We have consistently been among the most culturally active cities in Alberta, hosting popular artists from India, Bangladesh and North America and presenting high-quality cultural programs by local talent of all ages.


Executive Committee (EC) of Amra Sabai of Calgary Association for the years 2023-25

  • President: Rupak Datta
  • Vice President: Joyanto Bosu
  • General Secretary: Ayan Sarkar
  • Treasurer: Ayan Chanda
  • Cultural Secretary: Anindya Pal
  • Social Secretary: Sathi Datta
  •  Advisor: Sougata Nandi
  • Advisor: Gopal Shen
  • Advisor: Palash Kanti Saha
  • Founder Advisor: Sujit Bandyopadhyay
  • Founder Advisor: Sekhar Banerjee
  • Past President: Avijit Sarkar


Devi Durga is considered as the feminine epitome of strength. She is depicted in variety of Vedic literature as a goddess having feminine prowess, power, determination, wisdom and punishment much beyond this material world.

Contact Number

+1 (403) 400-1094, +1 (403) 617-4177

                +1 (403) 470-1889


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PO Box 24046, 100, 2250 – 162 Avenue SW ,
Calgary, Alberta, T2Y 0J9

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